1J coupling constants related to the Ca carbons in human Ubiquitin
Schmidt, J.M., Lohr, F.
1. Ubiquitin (polymer, Thiol state: not present), 76 monomers, 8564.731 Da Detail


Formula weight
8564.731 Da
Source organism
Homo sapiens
Exptl. method
solution NMR
Data set
Coupling constant
265 J values in 4 lists
Field strength (1H) 600 MHz, 800 MHz, Pressure 1 atm, Temperature 300 K, pH 7.6 Detail
Release date
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Related entities 1. Ubiquitin, : 1 : 200 : 5 : 25 : 140 entities Detail
Interaction partners 1. Ubiquitin, : 27 interactors Detail
Experiments performed 6 experiments Detail
Keywords data mining, one-bond coupling, statistics, torsion angles, 1JCAN measurement in proline, 1JCACO measurement, 1JCAHA measurement, TROSY method, 1JCAN measurement, quantitative J-correlation, 1JCACB measurement